2023 - Woolen Wonderland Advent-ure

Day 1~ Transport yourself to the captivating world of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Inspired by the majestic landscapes of Scotland, today's color palette mirrors the rugged beauty—breathtaking blues, lush greens, and earthy browns. 🏞️💙 Unwrap the magic and dive into the first skein! It's accompanied by the 2023 Advent Sticker featuring all four adorable Mascot Hanks.


Day 2 ~ 🌌✨ "What do stars do? They shine." Today's reveal features a celestial color palette inspired by the original illustrations from Stardust writen by Neil Gaiman🎨⭐️ Dive into the yarny goodness, and to make your cozy time even more enchanting, unwrap a star and moon-themed tea infuser from Plum Deluxe Teas☕🌙 Let the stardust settle and enjoy the cosmic magic! 🧶🌟

Day 3 ~ Inspired by the dark and mysterious world of "Three Dark Crowns" by Kendare Blake 🖤✨ Dive into the shadows with a color palette that reflects the intriguing and suspenseful atmosphere of the book.​​


 Day 4 ~ Brings the magic of the "Inkheart" series by Cornelia Funke to life! Inspired by the covers of the three-book series, this yarn makes you ready to dive into a world where stories come alive. Plus, it’s accompanied by a cozy cup of Reading Nook Tea Blend from Plum Deluxe Teas. ☕🍃 The perfect companion to a spellbinding book!!


Day 5 ~ Day 5 of Yarn Advent unfolds with wisdom from the ravens in Adam Gidwitz's "In a Glass Grimmly": "When you do what you want, not what you wish... When you no longer seek your reflection in others' eyes... When you see yourselves face to face... Then, you will have found what you truly seek."

Let the ravens guide you through today's skein and discover the depth of the tale. 🧶🖤 Embrace the enchantment! 📚✨


Day 6 ~ Brings the delicate inspiration of the wing fragment found in "People of the Book" by Geraldine Brooks "I slipped the scalpel under the thread, and the codex eased apart into its precious folios. A tiny speck of something fluttered from the binding. Carefully, with a sable brush, I moved it onto a slide and passed it under the microscope. Eureka. It was a tiny fragment of insect wing, translucent, veined."

Unveil today's skein and discover the ethereal beauty. 🧶✨ Embrace the magic, accompanied by a wing stitch marker from The Sexy Knitter. 🦋💖


Day 7 ~ Take flight with the awe-inspiring world of Eragon by Christopher Paolini! Unwrap today's skein, inspired by this dazzling fan art of Eragon and Saphira , capturing the fiery essence of their epic bond. 🎨📖 "In the center of the chamber, hurtling downward headfirst, was Saphira. Her jaws were open, and from between them erupted a great tongue of flame, bright yellow and tinged with blue." - Eragon.

As you knit or crochet, enjoy a sip of Baby Dragonrider tea from Dryad Tea, complete with pink peppercorns—perfect for gearing up for your first fire-breathing adventure! 🍵🐲


Day 8 ~ Day 8 draws inspiration from the mesmerizing fan art of Alina conjuring light in Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone series. Unwrap today's skein and let the magic of this radiant moment illuminate your crafting journey. 🌟Paired with a Jolly Holiday Yarns Holographic sticker that echoes Alina's ability to conjure the sun and bring sunlight into every stitch and corner! 🌈.


Day 9 ~ Delve into the mysterious depths inspired by fan art of Captain Nemo facing off against a monster in Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." Uncover today's skein and let the maritime adventure unravel in your hands. 🧶⚓ Immerse yourself in the wonders of the deep blue sea. 🐙✨.


 Day 10 ~ 🕵️♂️🔍 Day 10 of Yarn Advent is here, channeling the brilliance of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle! Unveil today's skein and immerse yourself in the mystery with every stitch. 🎻🧶Accompanied by a Sherlock Hank sticker from the amazing Maggie McDonald and enchanting Wax Crumbles from Rustic Sugar Creek co , turning your home into a mysterious haven. 🕰️🌟


Day 11 ~ 🌀📚 Day 11 bends the fabric of time! Inspired by "A Wrinkle in Time", unwrap today's skein and embark on a journey through dimensions with every stitch. 🌌🧶 Let the magic of Meg, Charles Wallace, and Mrs. Whatsit guide your yarny adventure. ✨🕰️


Day 12 ~ Unveils a fragrant mystery inspired by Linus's whimsical encounters with Talia in TJ Klune's "The House in the Cerulean Sea." Unwrap today's skein and delve into the enchanting tale of magic, mystery, and heartwarming moments. 🏡🧶 Accompanied by the Gardener's Soap from Ipswich Bay Soap Company, ensuring your hands stay delightfully fragrant, no matter what secrets you've buried in the garden! 🌿🌟


Day 13 ~ A Chilly salute to "How the Penguins Saved Veronica" by Hazel Prior. Unwrap today's skein inspired by Veronica's ever-present handbag and the heartwarming adventure with the penguins. 🧣🧶 Accompanied by a whimsical circle Jolly Holiday Sticker, let the colors and charm of this tale warm your yarny heart! 🌟


Day 14 ~ Day 14 invites you to dive into the enchanting world of "The Extraordinaries" by TJ Klune. Unwrap today's skein and explore the vibrant universe of Nick Bell and his band of faithful friends! Enjoy the experience of tasing Skwinkles Salsagheti for the first time, just like Nick and Seth, fingers crossed there are no "Back Flips of Chaos!"!


Day 15 ~ Unveil the magical world of "The Lost Queen" by Signe Pike . Unwrap today's skein and savor the enchanting tale, complemented by a delightful cup of Porch Sippin Pecan Tea from Plum Deluxe Tea —a perfect pairing for a cozy reading experience. ☕🧶


Day 16 ~ 🦇🧛♂️ Day 16 invites you into the dark embrace of "Dracula." Unwrap today's skein and let the colors immerse you in the mysterious world of Count Dracula, accompanied by a chillingly delightful Count Hankula Jolly Holiday Yarns sticker by the amazing Maggie McDonald 🌑🧶 Embrace the gothic elegance and add a touch of vampiric charm to your crafting journey! 🦇🌟


Day 17 ~ 👁🚪 Day 17 introduces the haunting essence of "Coraline" by Neil Gaiman. Unwrap today's skein and immerse yourself in the mysterious tale, paired with a Yarn Wraps Per Inch Gauge from Paper Sushi—a subtle nod to the Other Mother's crafty attempts to ensnare Coraline. 📏🧶


Day 18 ~ Ahoy, fellow adventurers! 🏰🤺 Day 18's yarn adventure is straight out of The Princess Bride! Facing challenges like the Cliffs of Insanity, I navigated the twists with Westley's resilience and Buttercup's wit. Cheers to day 18, a tale of miracles and inconceivable moments! 📖💖


Day 19 ~ A Wonderland Unbirthday Tea Extravaganza! 🫖🍰🌈🕰️ Day 19's yarn adventure takes a whimsical turn, inspired by Alice in Wonderland! 🍄🐛 Immerse yourself in the magic of a Merry Unbirthday celebration, complete with enchanting tales and the delightful Merry Unbirthday tea from Dryad Tea ☕🎁

Join me down the rabbit hole as we weave through Wonderland's eccentricities, encountering Cheshire grins and Mad Hatter merriment. Let's toast to the absurdity of life with a cup of tea that promises to make our birthdays even merrier! 🎉🎂


Day 20 ~ Day 20's yarn escapade is inspired by Marissa Meyer's "Heartless." Picture Jest and Catherine merrily twirling in the Lobster Quadrille as your stitches dance through Wonderland's enchantment. 🃏♥️✨

Accompanying our tale is the delicous Jammy Tart Stitch Marker by Chapel View Crafts, which looks real enough to make the King of Hearts sing out in delight, and the whimsical Mad Hat Hank Sticker by Maggie McDonald. 🍓🎩 Let's infuse our crafting with a touch of Wonderland madness!


Day 21 ~ Greetings, fellow wanderers of the yarn realm! 📖🌷 Chapter 21 in our crafty saga draws inspiration from the enchanting world of "The Secret Garden." Join me as we venture into hidden corners and uncover the mysteries of nature's wonders. 🍃🔓

Let your stitches weave a tapestry of rejuvenation and growth, just like the garden that comes to life with every turn of the key. 🌱💐 As we embrace the spirit of Mary, Colin, and Dickon, may our yarn creations blossom with the vibrant colors of hope and renewal.


Day 22 ~ Day 22's journey leads us through the enchanted wardrobe into the mystical realm of Narnia. Let your stitches spin tales of snow-kissed landscapes and the enchantment that awaits beyond the lamppost's glow. 🕯️🌨️

Savor the celestial Stargazer Caramel Mate Chai from Plum Deluxe Tea as you dive into the wintry wonders of Narnia. ☕🌟 Allow this warm blend to transport you to a land where each stitch carries the promise of a new adventure.

Picture a cozy blanket of snow wrapping your creations, mirroring the magical Narnian landscapes. Let the spirit of Aslan guide your hands through this wondrous knitting or crocheting journey. 🦁🧶


Day 23 ~ Greetings, fellow adventurers and Middle-earth enthusiasts! 🚪✨ Day 23's yarn journey takes a Tolkien twist, inspired by the illustrious Hobbiton illustrated by the master himself. Picture the rolling hills, charming hobbit holes, and the warm glow of a hobbit's home as your stitches embark on an epic quest! 🏡🌳

In the spirit of Bilbo and Frodo, let your creativity journey through the landscapes of Middle-earth, guided by the vision of Tolkien's Hobbiton. 🧙♂️✨

Accompanying our crafting quest is the Hank-O-Haggins sticker by Maggie McDonald, capturing the moment when our brave hobbit returns from his grand adventures. Stick it proudly in your crafting haven! 🧙♂️🌟


Day 24 ~ 🧞♂️🍫 Inspired by Julie Berry's magical world in "Wishes and Wellingtons". As you dive into the cozy depths of your Day 24 surprise, beware! I can't promise you won't find your very own Djinn hiding within those Simon Coll Xocolaters chocolate sardines, ready to grant wishes as sweet as the treats themselves. 🎁🐟✨


Day 25 ~ Day 25 unveils a grand finale—a full skein of rainbow yarn, a beautiful bag from Sewing New Futures, and a Blind Date with a Book from Spell Bound Books Shop  I hope these treasures add an extra sprinkle of magic to your crafting journey.