Yarn FAQ's

Color Variations in Hand Dyed Yarn

Jolly Holiday Yarns are dyed to order in small batches. This allows for the best color and pattern coordination, but I still highly recommend alternating skeins if you are concerned about color pooling or mismatching. Even though your order will be dyed in the same lot, a small amount of color variation can still happen
Please note that although I try to ensure that the colors shown in my product photos are as true to color as possible, colors may vary depending on your monitor or device.
As you choose your bases, please remember that different fibers and yarn weights take dye differently and therefore there may be some variation to the color shown if you purchase on a different yarn base

Caring for your Hand Dyed Yarn & the projects you create

Every effort is taken to rinse all remaining dye from the yarn, there may be a slight color bleed on the first wash. Our yarns are fully processed and washed before heading to your needles, but differences in water pH between our studio and your home may result in extra dye release.  

For those colors that are prone to bleeding, (reds and florescent colors), I recommend washing the yarn in cold water to prevent the fibers from releasing dye. In general, with multi-colored projects, I recommend a slight wetting before blocking instead of a long soak to avoid any potential dye migration.

If you would like to pre-wash your yarn prior to use please see the pre-washing instructions, below.

How do I pre-wash my yarn?

First, remove the label and untwist your skein. Fill a sink or basin with lukewarm water and a small amount of mild soap and carefully add the yarn. Let it soak for a few minutes - adding vinegar or anything else is unnecessary. Pick up your skein out of the water, gently squeeze out any excess, and let it hang to dry.

Machine Washing

Currently, all yarn offered by Jolly Holiday is Super wash to allow for machine washing. I would advise hand washing or machine washing (Delicate cycle) finished products in warm water with a mild detergent. Dry flat. 

Avoid hot water, lots of agitation, or harsh detergents (including Oxyclean and Woolite).  I highly recommend washing all items in a laundry bag to prevent any snares or breaks. Spin your project out or roll it up and press between towels to get most of the water out, then reshape and lay flat to dry completely.

I strongly suggest hand washing for yarns containing mohair to prevent felting.

Jolly Holiday Yarns are dyed in a pet friendly home but materials are kept separate. 

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions