Yarn Blanks

What is a Yarn Blank?

A blank is machine knitted or hand crocheted (chunky yarn only) flat piece of fabric that you knit or crochet with. The most common blanks are sock blanks which are used to create coordinating socks, but a blank can be used to create anything!

My favorite thing about working from a yarn blank is that whatever I create has a hidden message/design. You can paint a blank anyway you want it and except for gradients or stripes, you won’t see the design in the end, it becomes a unique pattern of colors. You could write *I Love You* on a blank and make a blanket for a loved one or you could hide a message in a hat to help your little one stay confident when you’re not around.

Each blank is one of a kind. I hand paint all of my blanks so there will be small differences in blanks of the same color. If you order multiples of one blank (ex 4 Spoonful of Sugar blanks in Sunshine Sock) I will create one blank with all 4 skeins of yarn and dye it as one to ensure the best color and pattern coordination unless otherwise requested.

Please note that although I try to ensure that the colors shown in my product photos are as true to color as possible, colors may vary depending on your monitor or device.

As you choose your bases, please remember that different fibers and yarn weights take dye differently and therefore there may be some variation to the color shown if you purchase on a different yarn base

How do I use a Yarn Blank?

Jolly Holiday’s yarn blanks come with a label on the end that you start from. You will cut the yarn next to the label and the end will come free. Once you release the waste yarn, you will undo or snip the knot off allowing the dyed yarn to pull free, starting the unraveling process and you to start working. 

If you’re concerned about the crinkled yarn, you can unwind the blank into a hank, soak it in tepid water for an hour. Roll it tightly in some towels to absorb some of the water and then leave it to hang dry. The water will relax the yarn and the weight of the wet hank will help it dry with less texture. The yarn will not be perfectly straight when it dries, any remaining kink should disappear as you work on your project and block it. 

How to unravel a Yarn Blank

Can you unravel the blank for me?

Yes! We offer a Blank Unraveling Service for $5 per blank. The blank will be unraveled into a hank. It will then get a good soaking and hang dry to remove some of the kinks in the yarn. The yarn will not be perfectly straight when it gets to you, the process of knitting up and dyeing a blank leaves an impression on the yarn until it is knit back up. Any remaining kink should disappear as you work on your project and block it. 

Please note: The price is per blank purchased, and this addition may add an additional 2 days to order processing.

What bases are Blanks available in?

Machine knit blanks ( see images above)

      • Basic Sock
      • Sunshine Sock
      • Stardust Sock
      • Basic DK
      • Delicious DK
      • Basic Worsted/Aran

Hand Crocheted Blanks

      • Basic Chunky

    You can learn about all of the Jolly Holiday Bases here. 

    Can you dye me a custom Blank? 

    Yes! Contact me via this form to start chatting about your idea. 


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