2022- A Celebration of the Four Seasons

Colorways that are Bolded will be returning to the Jolly Holiday Store soon!! 


Day 1~ First Snow is inspired by the first snow of the season when the fall leaves are still bright. I also included this sticker of Winter Hank (drawn by the FABULOUS Maggie McDonald), skiing his way into Day 2!
 Three miniature skeins of yarn, orange, yellow, green, red, and brown, striped with yarn with a sticker of a blue yarn skein skiing while wearing a winter hat. A woman under an umbrella down a sidewalk lined with houses, fences, and trees. orange, yellow, and red leaves are scattered and hanging from the tree. The whole scene is dusted with snow.


Day 2 ~ Snowy Owl is inspired by the majestic, you guessed it 🙃, Snowy Owl! I just love this inspiration image. Included with day two's yarn is a set of yarn bobbins from the FABULOUS Craftily Dyed Yarn These are now a staple in my yarn bag, Lauren makes 3 different sizes, so you never have to deal with the dreaded yarn ball again!

Three miniature yarn skeins stripes with red, grey, and brown with a package of yarn bobbins.

 A brown and white Snow Owl sits on a tree branch looking straight into the camera surrounded by snow and red flowers.

Day 3 ~ Old Red Barn is one of my favorite inspiration images, the red just pops so much in the dreary snowy landscape!
Picture 1 - Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with red, black, grey, and brown. A grey winter landscape with a bare tree and an old bright red barn.

 Day 4 ~ The Winter Express colorway is inspired by the gorgeous contrast between the blue sky, evergreen trees and the black and red trains of the past. It makes such a striking image; I couldn’t skip it!!

Day 4 includes a delicious winter themed tea from Harney & Sons Tea their Hot Cinnamon Spice tea is perfect for a chilly winter day!

Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with bright blue, dark red, ever green, brown and black with an orange, cream and brown packet of Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. Evergreen trees covered in snow framing a black and red steam train.


Day 5 ~ Frozen Lake is the perfect representation of winter. On the stardust base it sparkles just like ice! 

Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with different shades of blue. A Frozen Lake surrounded by snow and evergreen trees covered in snow


Day 6 ~ We’ve hit the last day of winter colorways and I’m closing it out with the First Thaw. Inspired by the tiny snow drops that mark the ending of winter.

Day 6 includes a winter-themed stitch marker from the amazing Felicia at CapitolMaker. I forgot to keep one of each, so you get to enjoy Felicia’s fabulous photography!

Three miniature skeins of white yarn striped with blue, green, brown, and grey with four winter-themed wood charm/ knitting stitch markers- L to R – A snowman’s face, a coffee cup with a snowflake on it, an ice skate and a light blue mitten with white hearts. Three snowdrop buds pushing through the snow on the ground. Six winter themed wood charm/ knitting stitch markers- L to R – a Penguin, a Snowflake, a snowman’s face, a light blue mitten with white hearts, a coffee cup with a snowflake on it and an ice skate.


Day 7 ~ Finally, the first day of Spring! Seedlings is inspired by planting a new garden, the brown earth, the green sprouts, and the tiny little flower buds that emerge. An excellent Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea accompanies the first Spring colorway from Harney & Sons.

*You’ll notice this is the first image with four skeins of yarn; a few of the skeins came out slightly blue-toned instead of purple!

Four miniature skeins of yarn striped with dark green, light green, yellow-green, brown, purple, and blue with a cream and lavender packet of Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea from Harney & Sons. A little girl in a white and blue dress, wearing yellow rain boots, waters her garden from an oversized metal watering can.


Day 8 ~ Seedlings sprout into beautiful May Flowers! Inspired by the beautiful blooms of wildflowers, May Flowers is a gorgeous combination of bright and earthy colors.

Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with purples and pinks and speckled with blue, green, and pink An abandoned cottage and well in the forest surrounded by trees and green plant life. Pink flowers are blooming, and purple wisteria is climbing the tree.


Day 9 ~ Inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms, Blossoms has that perfect shade of pink with just a touch of purple. Day 9 includes a packet of Haribo Goldbears to help you keep your knitting strength up! We’re almost halfway there!!


*You’ll notice that one of the skeins is slightly different from the others; I wanted to show how different a tester skein can be from what comes out the day of. I dyed the pink and blue skeins months before the actual yarn; I started with the majority of the same colors, but inspiration hit, and Blossoms became the floral tribute you see before you.

Three miniature skeins of yarn; two are striped with pinks, purples, and a small amount of green. The third is speckled pinks and blues. A small packet of Haribo Gold Bears is lying next to the yarn. – This is a picture of Cherry Blossoms growing on a tree with the sky behind them.


 Day 10 ~ A Say Something Hat Day. I’ve always been fascinated with the big fancy hats from days gone by. I’d love to have a Say Something Hat Day, where you pile flowers on your hat and hair, then go for a promenade in the park!  

Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with pinks and speckled with greens. A large straw hat with a hot pink ribbon decorated with yellow, purple, and pink flowers hanging on a door.


Day 11 ~ There was no way we could get through a Jolly Holiday yarn calendar without a musical reference. So say “Hello” to Sunday Clothes, inspired by the gorgeous clothes from the “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” musical sequence from Hello Dolly. Day 11 also includes one of these ADORABLE stitch markers from Sarah at The Sexy Knitter.

Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with dark pink, light pink, yellow and teal with five flower-shaped stitch markers L to R- light pink flower, yellow flower, light purple flower, blue flower, and white flower. A scene from the Broadway production of Hello Dolly. Men and Women dressed in jewel-toned (Oranges, Reds, Yellows, Blues, Pinks, and Purples) 1900s dress promenade arm-in-arm across the stage.


Day 12 ~ The May Pole is one of the signs of the coming summer. A pole striped in candy colors as children dance around it brings a smile to my face.

Day 12 includes an adorable sticker from Maggie McDonald of Hank with his trusty umbrella enjoying a springtime stroll

Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with different shades of blue, yellow, purple, pink, and green with a sticker of a hank of yarn in a yellow rain hat holding an umbrella in the rain with some flowers at the bottom. A group of women in white dresses with pink and yellow sashes dances around a maypole with blue, yellow, green, and pink ribbons.


Day 13 ~ In early summer, in Holland and Amsterdam, the tulip festivals begin. So I had to dedicate the first summer colorway to Tulips!

Included with Day 13 is a fabulous Skein Coat from Lindsey at the Precious Knit Shop.

Three miniature skeins of white yarn striped with dark purple, yellow, green, and pink next to a red and cream skein coat. Yellow tulips on the edge of a lake surrounded by greenery and blue, purple, and pink flowers.


Day 14 ~ Inspired by the summer pool parties, Schools Out shouts excitement to the end of the school year!!

Day 14 contains a fabulously fruity Raspberry Herbal tea from Harney & Sons

Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with hot pink, yellow, orange, purple, blue, and greens with cream and purple packet of Harney & Sons Raspberry tea. A beach ball arch on a walkway to a house.


Day 15 ~ Summer Afternoon is inspired by the free afternoons I spent in nature during my childhood summers. 

*Yet again, we have four skeins; each of these bases took the colors slightly differently. They all still work in the advent, but they have definitely been a learning experience for me!!

- Four miniature skeins of yarn striped with bright blues, greens, yellows, and pinks. Yellow, pink, purple, blue, and white wildflowers in a field of greenery.


Day 16 ~ Popsicle Drips is inspired by that pinnacle of 90’s summer, the popsicle! I ALWAYS ended up with a stain from those iconic treats, and I drew my inspiration from my popsicle-decorated shirts.

Day 16 includes one of my FAVORITE stickers designed by Maggie McDonald, Hank chilling in his Flamingo floaty with his sun hat and Pina Colada.

Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with primary colors, red, blue, orange, purple, and green with a hint of yellow, with a sticker of a hank of yarn wearing sunglasses and a sun hat in a flamingo pool float with a Pina Colada. Red, blue, orange, purple, and green popsicles in a green ice bucket.


Day 17 ~ Summer Abroad is inspired by this fabulous photo of Europe. I always thought of an image like this when friends said they went to Germany or Italy for the summer. I now know Europe definitely does not look like this everywhere but, that feeling of adventure and exploration is totally there!

*Again, you’ll notice that the DK SOAKED up the colors. As a new dyer, these are the irreplaceable experiences a multi-weight yarn calendar offering gives me. This won’t happen next time!!

Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with teal, orange, pink and purple.  A picture of Teal, Pink, Orange and blue houses on a boat lined sea green canal.


Day 18 ~ All that’s good and fun must come to an end. Sunset is based on those late summer nights where you prayed it would never get cold and that school wouldn’t start back up again.

Day 18 has another fabulous set of stitch markers from Capitol Maker. I LOVE every single one of these! What’s your favorite?

Three miniature skeins of yarn dyed with dark purples, teals, oranges and a bit of gray. –  A sunset from the edge of a lake. The edge are royal blue and they fade into a bright purple which fades into red, then orange and finally yellow, in the center of the image with the sun


Day 19 ~ The Leaves New Clothes is inspired by those fabulous colors that start to pop as the leaves change. They seem to change clothes overnight!

Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with yellow, brown, red, green, and orange. A dirt forest path is lined with trees with leaves in shades of green, orange, and yellow.


Day 20 ~ Inspired by those cool fall days spent searching for the perfect pumpkin, Pumpkin Patch is the PERFECT fall colorway. It is accompanied by the last sticker from Maggie McDonald of Hank enjoying some Halloween activities.

- Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with yellow, green, and orange, a sticker of Skien of yarn in a witch’s hat surrounded by pumpkins, and a bubbling cauldron. Orange and Green striped, yellow pumpkins are piled around a fence.


Day 21 ~ Apple picking is another one of my favorite fall activities, so I HAD to include an Apple Orchard colorway. The reds and greens make me so happy; I swear I can taste a freshly picked apple by just looking at this! A pack of Haribo Goldbears accompanies this colorway.

Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with reds, greens, and browns. A brown ladder is leaned into an apple tree, with green leaves and red apples surrounding it.


Day 22 ~ As the leaves slowly head towards brown, the days start getting shorter and colder; Cooler Days perfectly capture Autumn's ever-fading colors and warmth. The final tea accompanies Cooler Days from Harney & Sons, a warming Organic Rooibos Chai.  

Picture 1 - Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with browns, dark oranges, a little ed, and just a touch of dark green sit next to a cream and red packet of Harney & Sons Organic Rooibos Chai tea. A red farmhouse sits at the end of a gravel driveway surrounded by trees in various shades of evergreen, orange, yellow, and red. The lawn is still green, and the driveway's fence is covered in twinkle lights with pumpkins stacked at the front.


Day 23 ~ Inspired by the smoking chimneys and bonfires of fall, Bonfire is a celebration of the smoky nights spent with friends and loved ones. Bonfire is accompanied by the last set of stitch markers from Capital Maker.

Three miniature skeins of yarn striped with orange, brown, and grey with six wooden stitch markers L to R- A Skull, a Candy Corn, a Bat, A Jack-O-Lantern, A ghost, and a Cauldron. A house with smoke coming out of its chimney surrounded by trees of green, orange, yellow, and red with leaves on the lawn and surrounded by a rock wall


Day 24 ~ The final mini is inspired by the thing I hate the most about fall, Daylight Savings Time. It gets dark and cold and just not nice. The foliage begins to die as winter quickly approaches. It's just sad and dark. Daylight Savings Time is accompanied by the OG Hank and Jolly Holiday Yarns Logo sticker created by the amazing Jamie Kimball.

Three miniature skeins of yarn colored in browns, greys, and dark oranges with a sticker of a rainbow skein of yarn wearing aviator sunglasses reclining in a beach chair under a red and white umbrella with a coconut cup with the words "Jolly Holiday Yarns" across the bottom A view of a barren hillside with dead and dark trees.


Day 25 ~ The final colorway had to be a Rainbow. Rainbows don't care what season it is or what the temperature is; Rainbows are for every season. Therefore, I created Rainbow Season. A colorway that works with all the other seasons. Every color used to dye the 24 mini skeins were used to dye this variegated rainbow. A fabulous project bag from precious knit shop accompanies Rainbow Season.

Click HERE to purchase Day 25!

One full-size skein of yarn with big splotches of all the rainbow colors- blue, purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, and green. A white project bag with the words "Gauge? What gauge?" and a hand-drawn ball of yarn. Three skeins of yarn with big splotches of all the colors of the rainbow- blue, purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, and green